SMART VISION Product Overview

SMART VISION is the home entertainment, which is specially designed for you and adapted to your kitchen. It adapts flexibly and is configured according to your ideas and requirements. With a glass front, the LC display can be integrated into virtually any surface and is exactly built-in. Enjoy high-definition television in combination with Internet and apps in your kitchen day.

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Glass back wall

LCD in the kitchen

  • Ideal for the complete paneling of the kitchen back wall
  • Thanks to the glass surface it is easy to clean and protect against moisture
  • Free design possibilities: size, color as well as display size and much more.
  • Safety glass optional
  • Socket holes freely selectable
  • Individual production
  • Maximum height: 2000 mm
  • Maximum width: 3000 mm
  • Production made in Germany

Compact modules

  • Ideal for wall and kitchen back wall
  • 3 sizes available, suitable for every niche height
  • Available in black, white or anthracite gray
  • Maximum depth 22 mm
  • Ideal addition to a kitchen back back wall made of wood
  • LED LCD screen up to 27 inches in brilliant full-HD
  • Operation via touch and remote control
Design your kitchen surprisingly new with the SMART VISION compact modules. Individually designed for you and perfectly built-in. Include content from the Internet and HD TV in your kitchen day.

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  • Available in 595 x 450 mm and 595 x 595 mm
  • Only 19 mm depth, no space loss
  • Color selection according to RAL color chart or NCS
  • 21.5 inch LED LCD screen in brilliant full-HD
  • Optically suitable for other electrical appliances
  • Integration into existing kitchen possible
Our door modules with LCD integration are suitable for new kitchens and for existing kitchens. The screen, which is entered in the door, has a size of 21.5 inches.