The electronics are separated into a separate mediabox for the SMART VISION system.

This makes the electronics, control and connection technology decoupled from the actual LCD display. The separate Mediabox contains all essential components and can be installed, controlled, expanded and maintained at a different location. The result: the extremely flat displays can be integrated into the kitchen back wall or barrier door.

Die Mediabox

Your added value:

  • Heat development only occurs on the mediabox
  • Extra flat construction of the glass screens possible
  • An upgrade replaces only the electronics of the Mediabox
  • Service-friendly: In the service case (eg lightning strike, etc.), the Mediabox is sent to the factory or exchanged for a new one
  • External devices (eg Blu-ray players, Sky receivers, etc.) can be connected directly to the Mediabox
  • IR remote control as a control
  • Integrated USB mediaplayer for pictures, videos and music
  • The Mediabox is connected to the display with a signal cable up to 3 m
Innovation Modul mit Mediabox


With only 60 mm x 435 mm x 340 mm, the Mediabox hardly takes up space and can be installed in the cabinet, for example. With the brackets it can easily be installed in different positions.

Mediabox Anschlussmöglichkeiten